Masgutova Method

Anyone and everyone can potentially benefit from the Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex IntegrationSM (MNRI) Method. Automatic primary motor reflex movements and patterns are the primary focus of the MNRI® Method due to the key role they play:

Providing protection during infancy and when neurosensorimotor challenges are present (emotional and behavioral regulation issues often indicative of the second) In development as subordinate components of progressively more complex automatic motor reflex schemes, learned motor skills, and advanced motor planning, communication and cognitive development.

An MNRI assessment to determine the state of primary motor reflexes could uncover immature movements and patterns for even the most functionally proficient person. While the MNRI Method can and has been used in cases like this as part of a wellness or performance optimization program, it is more commonly sought out and used for people facing far greater challenges, often characterized by a broad range of labels and diagnoses.

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