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Adult Services
Our physical therapists are trained to evaluate each person individually and provide a customized therapy plan and home exercise activities to maximize the individual’s rehab potential. We desire to help each person to “Go Live Out Rehab Yourself”.

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Pediatric Services

Our pediatric clients not only get thorough evaluations in PT, OT, and Speech, but they are further provided with home exercise programs to begin on day one of treatment. The siblings and parents are involved in therapy, and encouraged to learn how to best meet the child's needs at home, be it behaviorally, motorically, or from a a processing standpoint.

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What an exciting year at Glory Therapy! Thankful for all of the support. Your referrals to us have been a BLESSING! Thanks for the prayers and encouragement! Exciting to be part of such a great team, looking forward to 2015 and all of the exciting opportunities to share HOPE!

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